Here at Leaf & Petal Designs™ we specialize in creating designer looks for your outdoor living space.  We offer the best plants from our select grower network that can easily be used to create the perfect backyard retreat.  Whether you are looking to decorate with containers on your patio, deck or lanai, bring the outdoors in with plants that provide beauty and fresh air inside the home, or planning to overhaul your garden beds, we have you covered.  Our experts bring only the best so that you can be successful even if you've not considered yourself a green thumb in the past.  From homegrown produce to the most up-to-date plant trends, Leaf & Petal Designs™ will deliver.  We look forward to making your home and garden a tranquil and beautiful place for well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation. 

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May 8

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planting guides

Need help? Everything you need to know about caring for your plants is available here!

Simply click on the images to the right to access information on planting, growing, pruning, and winterizing your plants.

Planting guides are available in Adobe PDF format. If your computer is unable to open PDFs, download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe.

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our warranty

Leaf & Petal™ guarantees its perennials for one year and annuals for 90 days from the time of shipment. If your purchase fails to perform as expected, Leaf & Petal™ will replace your plant with a similar or comparable one at no charge. If your replacement is unavailable or it is too late in the season to ship, it will ship the following season.

shipping zone map

We ship your plants when it’s the right time to plant in your area. Use the map below to determine when your plants will ship.

2-N-1 Apricot/Coral Patio Trumpet Vine

Berkeley Tie Dye Mighty Mato® Tomato

Chef's Delight Heirloom Tomato Collection

Cheyenne Spirit Coneflowers

Classic Filler Spiller Thriller Container Garden

Climbing Tangerine Skies Arborose®

Compact Reblooming Daylilies

Dark Dynasty Butterfly Bush

Delicious Mighty Mato® Tomato

Dwarf Fragrant Lilac Topiary Tree

Early Evolution Dwarf Cone Flowering Hydrangea

Elegant Designer Daylily Collection

Frappe Pink Crape Myrtle

Hardy Giant Hibiscus

Hardy Shade Loving Cranesbill Geranium

Indoor/Outdoor Silver™ Treasure Begonia

Indoor/Outdoor T-Rex™ Ruby Slippers Begonia

Lancaster® Betsy™ Shasta Daisies

Modern Cottage Container Garden

Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Revolution Hydrangea

Ponytail Palm

Prince Charming Butterfly Bush

Robusta Ruby Rubber Tree

Seascape Strawberry Collection

Snake Plant

Sun-Loving SunStanding Impatiens

Sunrise™ Blue Fragrant Butterfly Plant Collection

Sunrise™ Orange Fragrant Butterfly Plant Collection

Sunrise™ Violet Fragrant Butterfly Plant Collection

Super Star Coreopsis

Timeless Blooming Coral Bells

Tricolor Balmy™ Monarda

Twister Bicolor Agapanthus

Vibrant Colors Mini Rose Collection

2-N-1 Hardy Romantic Honeymoon Hibiscus

2-N-1 Knock Out®/Sunny Knock Out® Rose

All Season Blooming Classic Shasta Daisy

Aurora Borealis SunStanding Impatiens

Berry Fun Combo

Breeder's Choice Daylilies

Butterfly Lovers Pincushion Flowers

Cherry Berry SunStanding Impatiens

Climbing Handel Rose Duo

Coneflower Trio

Desert Rose Patio Plant

Dilly Dilly Lavender

Fire Dance Red Hot Pokers

Fragrant Aloha Pineapple Lily Collection

Fragrant Reblooming Patio Gardenia

Garvinea® Gerber Daisy Collection

Gourmet Foodie Tomato Collection

Hardy Olympian Fig

Havana™ Nights Lantana

Hot Lips Campsis Vine

Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Monarch Butterfly Bush Collection

Northern Lights SunStanding Impatiens

Patio Ready Succulent Combo Duo

Perennial Color Patio Garden

Pistachio Multicolor Hydrangea

Portofino Patio Garden

Red Sensation Hydrangea

Rose Marvel Salvia Collection

Strawberry Planter Kit

Summer Color Splash Mini Rose Collection

Sunrise™ Fragrant Butterfly Plant Collection

Sunshine Blue Blueberry

Tricolor Braided Tropical Hibiscus

Tricolor Calla Patio Kit

Tricolor Lily Looks™ Patio Container Kit

Water Wheel Confetti Color Container Garden

Hardy Hibiscus

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